Self-made Success in North Carolina: Lashawnda Beacoats

You know those inspirational blogs and magazines that make you wonder and increases your curiosity about subjects that you probably never even thought about? Those high-end, top of the line, juicy features online and in print media? Well, this is a force that always has been and always will be around. While some women have careers in the business world as store owners and having great brands, others like to elaborate upon those ideas. But don’t get me wrong, because those behind the scenes business women contribute a huge amount to our outlook on certain things.

The topic of elaboration brings me to the introduction of self-made Lashawnda Beacoats. Lashawnda has been editor-in-chief of Pride magazine of Charlotte, N.C. since the year of 2014; however, she has been empowering women as a certified life coach for years. Lashawnda lives to teach and believe that you should live life for a living, therefore she finds time to pursue her passions of traveling and food throughout her busy schedule. Despite all of her accomplishments, Lashawnda Beacoats can be considered as down to earth because of the way that she connects with people and her community.

As a career startup, Lashawnda enjoyed working with people in the community who needed to be connected with the D&C to share their stories while working as an editorial assistant at The Democrat and Chronicle in Rochester, N.Y.. From there, she spent 11 years as a graphic designer in the Charlotte Observer’s prepress department, but soon realized that she was made for the newsroom.  ALthough her company of business changed, she stayed in the Charlotte region while being a style editor for, a news site that was directed a little more towards the African- American community, in the year of 2009.

    In 2011, Lashawnda Beacoats left a significant mark by being so creative, and was named Charlotte editor for Uptown Magazine based in New York City. During her time at Uptown, she exposed to people different geographics that allowed them them to experience something new. Soon after Uptown, legendary Lashawnda moved up as editor-in-chief of Pride magazine in 2014 and have continued to share with her readers mind blowing experiences only at the expense of turning one page at a time.

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