Lowcountry Floral Frenzy with Stephanie Gibbs

Flowers are used as representations for many things. They are a symbol of beauty, a symbol of life, a symbol of feminism, and so on. Different flowers can have their own significant meanings to different cultures as well. Take the lotus flower for example. The lotus flower is associated with many different cultures from Asia, to Africa, to Europe with different symbolism ranging from association with creation, the afterlife, enlightenment, fertility and sensuality, purity, and health. With flowers having such a huge impact on people and cultures, it is important that these people have access to the flowers that they admire when there is an event, special occasion, or just a gift.




Without further ado, we would like to introduce to you: Stephanie Gibbs, owner of floral event and design business, Stephanie Gibbs Events based in Charleston, South Carolina. Stephanie Gibbs is well-known for her ability to beautify whatever events her clients come to her about  throughout the coast of South Carolina including Charleston areas (where her business is based), Florence, Myrtle Beach, and so on. Stephanie Gibbs Events, formerly Sweet Grass Events, started in 2006 and was recently renamed to its current name in 2015. Even though the name of the company changed, the services have not had a dramatic change [except the fact that they no longer do wedding planning, but can offer referrals]. Stephanie GIbbs has a great history of servicing people through her business and her past job as a hospitality specialist for NOAA Coastal Services Center through the years 2003- 2004.

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Having a green thumb in the garden of glamour, Stephanie Gibbs’ resume is stuffed with experiences from catering, wedding planning, sales and marketing, event planning, decor, and floral design. These aspects allow her to run her business successfully, having been featured on The Wedding Row and a recent feature on Style Me Pretty in 2015. Along with all of this experience, Stephanie received her fundamentals by achieving her Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from the University of South Carolina in 2003. From there, Spectacular Stephanie went straight into the workforce, utilizing her degree and building herself to where she is currently.

Stephanie Gibbs insists that, “from planning small private dinner parties for 20ppl with a professional chef to planning large weddings up to 400ppl, I can do it!” (LinkedIn), and by her experience, features, and swift success, it is evident that she certainly can.


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