Atlanta Based Couple With a Flair for Design and Creativity, Jill and Steve Mckenzie

There are plenty of partnerships when it comes to running a successful business. Some partnerships happen to be siblings, friends, or any type of association between people who may or may not be as close to one another. However, the dynamic duo that is to be introduced to you all today are husband and wife, Steve and Jill McKenzie, who introduced their mid-century modern twist on southern living to the world in 2012 by opening steve mckenzie’s interiors and lifestyle store in Atlanta’s Westside design district.

The items one would find in steve mckenzie’s are derived from two very different fundamental influences that the McKenzie’s merge to achieve that mid -century modern twist on southern living that was mentioned in the introduction. Those two inspirations that serve as the foundation of this store are the graciousness of the south and their personal love of the mid-century and Scandinavian, modern aesthetic. The textile designs that created from these influences are the cornerstone of steve mckenzie’s offerings and are straight from the canvases of Steve McKenzie’s original artwork.

The McKenzie’s are way more than a married couple with a home decor store. They are individually of great accomplishments, just as much as they are together. For the last twenty years, Steve served as Chief Designer for Larson-Juhl, and as the CEO for the past decade. He is a mixed media artist and has been selling his work professionally for about ten years now, beginning in 2006. They say that every great man needs a strong woman to assist him, and Steve’s wife Jill is certainly that… contributing just as much to their success. Jill is a trick of all trades when it comes to home decor. Her background combines quilting, design, home making and retail. Jill enjoys having company and making people feel at home; the perfect way to be while helping people find comforting items for their homes!

It is said that the Mighty McKenzie’s has showroom for an ever-expanding repertoire of furniture, home décor,tabletop, fabric, wall coverings, original artwork, gifts and more. In addition, steve mckenzie’s has grown to include a rug line with Verde Home, multiple textile collections, wearable art in the form of scarves and an interior design business. With that being said, the McKenzie’s clearly have a passion for spreading their southern grace and Scandinavian swag.

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