Our mission is to create a curated network of diverse Southern-based vendors who are interested in investing and supporting each other’s business success and providing unique opportunities for the Black Southern Belle consumer. 

The Black Southern Belle Collective will create a unique space and curated network of event planners, interior designers, brand strategists, creative directors, and professionals who are interested in the Black Southern Belle target demographic. Vendors in the Black Southern Belle Collective will have  and develop increased network, brand visibility, improved skillsets, new ideas, future collaborations, and increased brand knowledge of  the Black Southern Belle clientele.

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We do this through the following strategies:

Host strategic creative workshops and summits to develop resources for the network

Provide business development and marketing opportunities for members and attendees of the Collective

Help businesses understand the unique value of the Black Southern Belle customer and how to engage and reach them

Discover and curate the best lifestyle brands that know how to cater to the Black Southern Belle customer



Featured vendors are hand-picked by a team of experts within wedding, fashion, event planning, design, food, and home decoration industries.

Invited vendors are from Southern cities, including (but not limited to) Charleston, SC, Savannah, GA, Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, New Orleans, LA, Dallas, TX, and Houston, TX.

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